Sunday, November 14, 2010


Week of November 14th:

In B.I.T.E. this week, we've talked about our spiritual gifts. Have you had some time to think about those in the group or even yourself? What are your spiritual gift(s)? What are some spiritual gifts of others (in B.I.T.E.) that you've noticed?


Alex said...
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Alex said...

I don't really like to talk about myself...but since writing it out in solitude makes the process easier, I guess I'll take a crack at it.

I think one of my spiritual gifts is my sense of humor. I get a lot of joy out of telling jokes and making people laugh. I feel like my humor helps people relax and makes me easier to talk to, and when I'm able to use that in a positive and uplifting way, I think it can be huge in helping people come closer to Christ.

Another one (gee, maybe I do like talking about myself...) is my ability to write. It's one of my passions in life, and I absolutely love the whole process!

I had expressed my interest in volunteering with the communications team at MSC to Kelley some time ago, but when it didn't really come to fruition, I sort of abandoned the idea. I still wanted to do it, but I was content to just sit back and wait for MSC to contact me.

But after receiving some much appreciated encouragement during B.I.T.E. last week, I decided to contact Kelley again, and the timing was perfect! She was pretty much done with everything she needed to do for the Envision campaign, and was therefore able to devote some time to figuring out ways for me to help out. (I guess I'm the first "writing" volunteer.)

Anyway, Kelley was able to give me a few assignments that involved cleaning up/updating different sections of the website and stuff. I worked on it today, and I really enjoyed it! And being able to use my gifts to help the church in some small way is really rewarding!

So thanks to all my fellow, for not only helping me embrace my spiritual gifts, but also for enhancing them through your encouragement and inspiration you provide.

Lauren said...

Alex that's really great that you were able to use your gifts to help the church!

I also hate talking about myself but since Alex started the ball rolling I guess I'll keep it going. I think one of my spiritual gifts is kindness. I'm constantly trying to think of how I can help people out, what I can do to make someone's job easier, or anything that I can do to simply brighten someone's day. I just get a lot of joy out of helping people, and it makes them happy too so it's win-win.

Meg said...

I'll second what Lauren said- Alex, that ROCKS that you have finally been able to use your talents with the church.

I, also like Lauren, feel one of my spiritual gifts is kindness and compassion. When I hear about someone's situation, I put myself in their shoes and try to feel what they are going through. I get a joy beyond no other when I know what I have done for them has lighten their load. I guess that is how I aim to be like Christ. My passion for serving others is what leads me to do the things that bring me the most joy like going on mission trips and it is currently the reason I feel led to go back to nursing school despite the time and effort it will take.

Michelle said...

I think that one of my spiritual gifts is teaching. Even though I went to college for this and am not using it in a traditional sense, I still think I have the ability to impact others in "teachable moments." Believe it or not, we all influence those around us. Also, working with teenagers is always something I've wanted to do in the church.