Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week of October 17th:

Jenny Schmid's thoughts:

Hey guys

So I've been thinking alot the use of hands this week. Right before I went to bed last night I was reminded about the verse in bible ( I don't remember where but I know its in there somewhere..) that says "Although you stumble you will not fall because I will uphold you by my victorious right hand."That got me thinking....If his hands are our hands...Am I using them right?

How many people do I let stumble and fall right in front of me? How many Christians do I see stumbling and walk away and even talk about their failures to others? How many people was I too busy for that I couldn't bother to put out a hand? How many people have been the hand of Christ to me?

Anyway I really was challenged with this and thought I would share...maybe someone else need it as well