Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week of October 17th:

Jenny Schmid's thoughts:

Hey guys

So I've been thinking alot the use of hands this week. Right before I went to bed last night I was reminded about the verse in bible ( I don't remember where but I know its in there somewhere..) that says "Although you stumble you will not fall because I will uphold you by my victorious right hand."That got me thinking....If his hands are our hands...Am I using them right?

How many people do I let stumble and fall right in front of me? How many Christians do I see stumbling and walk away and even talk about their failures to others? How many people was I too busy for that I couldn't bother to put out a hand? How many people have been the hand of Christ to me?

Anyway I really was challenged with this and thought I would share...maybe someone else need it as well


Meg said...

I am also convicted by the idea that I "talk" about others when helping may be a better option. The part I struggle with though is confronting those that I feel are hurting me or those that, in my opinion, are not being very "Godly". But in that statement, I myself am not being very Godly. It is not for me to decide or judge who is following the right path and who isn't.

As far as confrontation for those that have hurt me, I have to decide whether I hold onto that or let it go. And letting go could mean talking to that person, or simply moving on.

I was really struck by the thought of being an instrument of God. I need to start viewing my hands as an extension of His hands. If I really want to live out my purpose, I need to use my hands for good and to glorify God.

Anonymous said...

Megan I think you are amazing. I wish it was easy to confront someone...I'm just good at telling everyone what someone did to me to get them on my side. I am so quick to be oh well that person is obviously in sin that I forget what I've been set free from. I'm a sinner saved by grace and dearly loved. Because of HIS blood I am seen as pure and beautiful in his eyes. The amazing thing is that same blood covers that person and that person and that person.


Michelle said...

I think that as Christians it is challenging in our walks to see others suffering because we tend to focus the majority on ourselves. It is typically how "I" can become better or how "I" can strengthen my faith. I think that's why we choose to ignore those suffering in front of us because if we see someone down, we almost feel as if we have beaten the odds. This may sound harsh, but I think it is definitely something that we know we do, but try not to. I know that I do try to be there for others and lend a hand, but it's hard and something I really want to work on. I have had Christian role models in my life that I have looked up to that truly have been the hand of Christ to me. It usually isn't until after the time, but having those around you who will influence you in a positive way is something that I am grateful for.